A man in a blood red robe (from the Esoteric Order of the Celestial Dragon) with darkness covering every inch of his face that should be visible. The third time traveler.

He has a loose allegiance with the invaders and Quatach-Ichl, the lich.

He has escaped the loop via the Sovereign Gate[1].

He was feeding information to the invaders. After the Aranea incident he stopped doing so, because any further knowledge gained would be useless, as the Aranea would still be present outside of the loop.

He knows the spell aegis, simulacrum, the gate spell, and unstructured mind magic.

He is the cause for Zach's amnesia and probably the most knowledgeable person when it comes to the workings of the loop, being believed to have learned Zach's secrets before selectively wiping Zach's memory and tying himself into the loop.

His real identity is Jornak.

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