An immensely powerful and skilled lich, he was a General during the Necromancer War, he is a millennia old, and aligned with the invaders.


A skeleton wreathed in sickly green light. Its bones were black with a strange metallic sheen, as if they were not bones at all, but rather a facsimile of a skeleton made out of some kind of black metal, and they are almost invulnerable, perhaps blessed by the gods, only damaged by some sort of golden fire spell. Encased in gold-decorated armor, with a scepter held tightly in one of its skeletal hands and a crown full of purple gemstones, the creature looking like some long-dead king risen from the dead.[1]

Has demonstrated great proficiency with a wide variety of magic, including soul magic, dimensional magic, and a wide variety of combat spells, with unknown but apparently vast mana reserves. His mind magic capabilities are currently unknown (as of chapter 60), but Voice of Peace, from the Deep Blue aranean web, presumed that he would have strong defences[2].

Easily able to defeat Kyron and Zach. His armour and crown can be damaged but his bones are extraordinarily magic resistant. Zorian defeated him by tricking him into picking up a coin from Kael which separated the bond between him and his body, sending him back to his phylactery.

He kept the Ibasans on track by hunting down and killing anyone who tried to leave, and with his strong reputation as harsh but fair, a hero to the people.

He is able to singlehandedly hold off a great number of mages during the invasion of Cyoria if they manage to organize, or teleport around killing anyone who causes problems with powerful spells and haste. Xvim is able to disrupt his magic and Alanic can summon a golden fire that can penetrate his bones.

His crown is one of the five Keys Zorian and Zach are required to collect, in order to escape the alternate reality time loop they are stuck in.

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