Andir Kazinski is the father and patriarch of the Kazinski family. He is the third son of a farmer who has worked hard and built a successful business with his wife Cikan. Andir and Cikan appear to be a well-matched couple as there appears to be a great deal of shared affection and they have many mutual interests. Like his wife, he is obsessed with social status and family honor and feigns religious devotion as a means of maintaining and developing social status. Due to his history he is also obsessed with his business and building his trading company.

It is implied that Andir has very rigid and narrow views on masculinity and in their one encounter is openly contempuous of Zorian having frequently mocked Zorian about being feminine and weak. It is clear that Zorian is an unwanted third son in his father's eyes. Andir was deeply disappointed with Zorian's need to wear glasses. Bailed out Fortov for his irresponsible actions. Considers Kirielle to be her mother's responsibility.1

1 Chapter 72