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Mother of Learning by nobody103 (Domagoj Kurmaic) begins with fifteen-year-old Zorian Kazinski, a studious, solitary young man, waking on the morning he is to catch the train to his third year of training at Cyoria's Royal Academy of Magical Arts. A man with no idea that in a month's time, he would find himself embroiled in circumstances far beyond the capacity of any fifteen-year-old mage-in-training to deal with ... and then find himself once again waking on the morning he is to catch the train to begin his third year at Cyoria.

The story is presently incomplete — new chapters have been posted every three weeks (and rarely every four weeks). The 'Target Date' for the next chapter is posted on the author's profile page.

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This area is for page guides that help you find the content you are looking for.

Character Guide - Helps organize all the different characters.

Zorian - Gives general details on the main character.

Chronology - Tells you what happened in the story and when.

Maps - To see how world setting looks like.


External Link Guide - Helps you find external links for fan and author-led discussions.

Word of Domagoj Helps you find words the author said outside the story.

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