A continent to the south of the main character's continent, Altazia. Originally contained the Ikosian Empire, the center of human civilization which later colonized Altazia. Xlotic was later transformed into a great desert in the wake of the Cataclysm, ruining the Ikosian Empire. The southern part, Koth, is covered in jungles and is being explored by Damien and visited by Zorian's parents. Miasina was once the center of the human civilization, but the fall of Ikosia and the creation of the Xlotic Desert has greatly reduced its global importance.

Some of the native were Majarans, who spoke a language that has been used for necromancy which the lich Quatch-Ichl who caused Zorian's problems spoke when using soul meld, and which is used on many of the ruins of Koth.

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