Kirielle Kazinski
Kirielle Resize
Vital statistics
Position Zorian's younger sister
Age 9
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
She is Zorian's nine year old sister. At the start of every restart she jumps on Zorian to wake him up. She is easily bored and hyperactive. Zorian finds her annoying, but she is also the only part of his family that he really likes. She is interested in magic with a focus on illusions and skilled at art(which she is very good at and stole Zorian's school supplies to perform) neither of which her mother approves of. She wants Zorian to teach her magic because her parents aren't willing to send her to school. Her parents have arranged a marriage for her at fifteen. She accompanies Zorian to school during several restarts.

Zorian informs her of the time loop eventually, and starts to teach her magic.

When Zach attacks Zorian she is very defensive of him, attacking Zach.