An old empire that colonized Altazia, originating in Miasina, the southern continent. Founded by Shutur-Tanara, king of Ikos, by conquering the city states around the Umani-Re River. Destroyed by desertification. Religiously, they believe that the world started as a ball of chaos ruled by seven dragons, the gods descended from a higher plane and killed six of them and fashioned the last one into the world- her magic flows through the tunnels that fill the earth and fragments of her are regularly sent off to the surface as monsters to attack people.

Some of their culture, the Ikosian culture for example, is still dominant to this day- mages are of the Ikosian tradition for example and they stole or traded for much of their magic, a proud tradition which gave them massive benefits. Technologically advanced compared to local tribes.

Shutur Tanara was said to possess the Sovereign gate, a powerful time travel artifact.

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