House Aope began its existence during the Witch Wars, when one of the major witch clans agreed to defect to the Ikosian's side if they were given the status of a formal House in return. The Ikosians, ever pragmatic, agreed. The Aope rose through the ranks of Ikosian political system, leaving a trail of broken rivals in their wake, until they eventually stood on top as one of the more prestigious Noble Houses in all Altazia.

Has an unfavorable reputation due to their roots as witches and usage of dark magic. Rumored to practice mind magic, demon summoning, and necromancy. Tinami is learning mind magic and knows the invisibility spell which she is not legally allowed to know yet.

Cyoria is their power base. According to the aranea who read Tinami's mind, House Aope is not connected to the invasion of Cyoria. [Ch 26]

Head of House:

Heir: Tinami

Living members:

Deceased members:

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