Daimen Kazinski is Zorian's oldest brother. He is known to be both skilled and charismatic, and was their parents' favorite child; their father reportedly jokes that Zorian has Daimen's competence, while Fortov has his charm. As of chapter 66, he is known to be Open (psychic), and it is revealed in chapter 68 that his skills are limited to focused empathy and the ability to turn it on and off.

He is also known to have accessed restricted spells (such as animation spells that target people) as early as his second year at the Academy (before he was a certified mage), and has tormented Zorian with said spells for practice, as well as various other pranks; repeatedly locking Zorian out of the house has been mentioned. He also appears to have a focus on and skill with dimensional magic, but didn't know the gate spell until Zorian taught it to him.

He leads expeditions to dangerous areas in search of lost artifacts, ruins, rare plants and magical creatures. Currently, he is in Koth, searching for the imperial orb in the jungle, but he has also been spending time with his new fiancée, Orissa Taramatula, whom he met after hiring trackers from her family.

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