The school Zorian goes to. As the name implies it's located in Cyoria. It's an elite institution that prides on the quality of it's teaching staff. It also has a very good library. There are four years of education in it, with several classes for each year. Each class set is ranked as tier 3, tier 2, or tier 1, in rough order of advancement. There are approximately 600 students in the school.[1]

Faculty Edit

Ilsa Ziteli (Teaches Zorian's essential invocations class.)

Xvim Chao (Zorian's Mentor, very fond of marbles)

Carabiera Aope (Benisek's Mentor)

Nirthak (Nonmagical Combat instructor at the school)

Zenomir Olgai (Zorian's History Teacher)

Kyron (Zorian's Combat magic teacher)

Noora Boole (Zorian's spell formula teacher.)

Azlyn Marivoski (Zorian's Alchemy teacher)

Kirithishli Korisova (Head Librarian at Cyoria Academy)

First Year Students Edit

Byrn Ivarin (Rides the train with Zorian)

Second Year Students Edit

Veyers Boranova (Zorian's Ex-classmate, Expelled in Second Year)

Third Year Students Edit

Zorian Kazinski (Protagonist, Time Traveler)

Zach Noveda (Zorian's Classmate, Time Traveler)

Kael Tverinov (Zorian's Classmate, Alchemy Expert)

Briam (Zorian's Classmate, Fire Drake Owner)

Akoja Stroze (Zorian's Classmate, Class Rep)

Neolu (Zorian's Classmate, Science Fiction Enthusiast)

Raynie (Zorian's Classmate, Wolf Shifter Tribe)

Kiana (Zorian's Classmate)

Benisek (Zorian's Classmate, Zorian's Friendish)

Edwin (Zorian's Classmate, Golem Enthusiast)

Estin Grier (Zorian's Classmate, Ulquaan Ibasan)

Tinami Aope (Zorian's Classmate, Spider Enthusiast)

Kopriva Reid (Zorian's Classmate, Has Green Hair)

Aneka and Armie Ashirai (Zorian's Classmates, Soul Bonded Twins)

Naim (Zorian's Classmate, First Generation Mage)

Elsie (Zorian's Classmate)

Jade (Zorian's Classmate, Pulled From School)

Maya (Zorian's Classmate, Pulled From School)

Iroro (Zorian's Classmate, Pulled From School)

Fourth Year Students Edit

Fortov Kazinski (Zorian's brother)

Ibery (Rides the train with Zorian and works at the library)

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