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Time Travelers Edit

Zorian Kazinski (Protagonist, Time Traveler)

Zach Noveda (Zorian's Classmate, Time Traveler)

Red Robe (Mysterious Third Time Traveler)

Zorian's Known Family List Edit

Mrs Kazinski (Cikan Kazinski, Zorian's Mother)

Mr Kazinski (Andir Kazinski, Zorian's Father)

Kirielle Kazinski (Zorian's Younger Sister)

Fortov Kazinski (Zorian's Older Brother)

Daimen Kazinski (Zorian's Eldest Brother)

Grandma of Zorian

Cyoria Characters Edit

Character at Cyoria's Royal Academy of Magical Arts (i.e. the school Zorian goes to). Edit

Faculty Edit

Ilsa Zileti (Teaches Zorian's essential invocations class.)

Xvim Chao (Zorian's Mentor, very fond of marbles)

Carabiera Aope (Benisek's Mentor)

Nirthak (Nonmagical Combat instructor at the school)

Zenomir Olgai (Zorian's History Teacher)

Kyron (Zorian's Combat magic teacher)

Nora Boole (Zorian's spell formula teacher.)

Azlyn Marivoski (Zorian's Alchemy teacher)

Kirithishli Korisova (Head Librarian at Cyoria Academy)

First Year Students Edit

Byrn Ivarin (Rides the train with Zorian)

Second Year Students Edit

Veyers Boranova (Zorian's Ex-classmate, Expelled in Second Year)

Third Year Students Edit

From chapter 20 we know that Including Zorian, there are exactly 20 people in his class  – 12 girls and 8 boys.

Kael Tverinov (Zorian's Classmate, Alchemy Expert)

Briam (Zorian's Classmate, Fire Drake Owner)

Akoja Stroze (Zorian's Classmate, Class Rep)

Neolu (Zorian's Classmate, Science Fiction Enthusiast)

Raynie (Zorian's Classmate, Wolf Shifter Tribe)

Kiana (Zorian's Classmate)

Benisek (Zorian's Classmate, Zorian's Friendish)

Edwin (Zorian's Classmate, Golem Enthusiast)

Tinami Aope (Zorian's Classmate, Spider Enthusiast)

Kopriva Reid (Zorian's Classmate, Has Green Hair)

Aneka and Armie Ashirai (Zorian's Classmates, Soul Bonded Twins)

Naim (Zorian's Classmate, First Generation Mage)

Estin Grier ( Zorian's Classmate, from Ulquaan Ibasa)

Elsie (Zorian's Classmate)

Jade (Zorian's Classmate, Pulled From School)

Maya (Zorian's Classmate, Pulled From School)

Iroro (Zorian's Classmate, Pulled From School)

Fourth Year Students Edit

Fortov Kazinski (Zorian's brother)

Ibery Abercomb  (Rides the train with Zorian and works at the library)

Characters Part of the Invasion Edit

Quatach-Ichl (Powerful Lich, Pile of Bones)

Lady Zoltan (Zoltan House Heir, Vampire)

Other Cyoria Characters Edit

Imaya Kuroshka (Zorian's Landlord)

Tesen (Zach's Guardian)

Kana Tverinov (Kael's Daughter)

Haslush Ikzeteri (Detective in Cyoria's Police Department)

Urik (aka Mumble, part of Taiven's dungeon group)

Oran (aka Grunt, part of Taiven's dungeon group)

Kylae Kuosi (The Head Priestess of the Cyorian branch of the church, a prominent human diviner)

Batak (A priest at the Cyorian church)

Nochka Sashal (bicycle girl)

Rea Sashal (bicycle girl's mother)

Sauh Sashal (bicycle girl's father)

Taiven (Zorian's friend, one-time crush, and some-time combat magic teacher)

Vatimah Tinc (head of the local branch of the Mage Guild

Aranea Edit

Matriarch (aka Spear of Resolve Striking Straight at the Heart of the Matter, the Cyorian web's Matriarch)

Novelty (aka Enthusiastic Seeker of Novelty, Zorian's 1st mind magic teacher, & a Member of the Cyorian web)

Fang of Victory (A Cyorian Aranea)

Seeker (aka Seeker of the Eight Universal Paths, a member of the Sword Diviners web)

She Who Eats Fire & Sees Gold (The Illustrious Gem Collectors Matriarch)

Bridge of Moonlight Connecting Ten Thousand Shores (The River Navigator's Matriarch)

Mind Like Fire (The Children's mind magic teacher for the River Navigators, & Zorian's 2nd mind magic teacher)

Characters Outside of Cyoria Edit

Alanic Zosk (Priest, Soul Magic Expert)

Lukav Teklo (Alchemist Specializing in Transformations)

Silverlake (Witch)

Fria (Witch, Kael's Mother-in-law)

Namira (Kael's dead wife)

Gurey Cwili (A merchant from Knyazov Dveri)

Aldwin Rofoltin (Gurey's dead partner, an adept Warder, and Ward-Breaker)

Vani (A scholar, & friend of Kael's)

Vazen (A merchant from Knyazov Dveri)

Orinus (A gambler)

Sudomir Kandrei (The Mayor of Knyazov Dveri)

Daimen Kazinski (Zorian's Eldest Brother)

Orissa Taramatula (Daimen's fiancée and member of the Taramatula House in Koth)

Ulanna Taramatula (Orissa's aunt)

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